Legal Content Marketing: 3 Simple Tools For Solos to Generate Leads

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Legal Content Marketing: 3 Effective Tools Solos Can Use to Generate leads

Do you dream of generating a lead and really spread out your practice a bit? And do you wonder how to go about it? Your first resolve to this should be legal content marketing. Legal content marketing is usually  coded and unfamiliar tools lawyers can use to reach out to potential clients both within and outside their regions.

Most lawyers are fade up waiting for clients to come and consult them. They have tried, unsuccessfully, searching for means of attracting new clients. And clients contacting them through referrals aren’t sufficient enough to sustain their practice.

Although Lawyers are prohibited, by the rules of professional conduct, from doing traditional advertisement and marketing. They are no restrictions on legal content marketing.

Truly, the traditional advertisement should have been viable means for lawyers to reach out to potential clients. But there are unfamiliar ways lawyer can get prospects to engage with their contents and possibly contact them.

Writing a rich legal content is what an average lawyer can do with ease. Our profession makes us legal writer because, like it or not, we are producing copies even when we write briefs, motions and affidavits for clients.

Thinking of appearing before potential clients through legal content marketing? Here are 3 simple tools you can use.

1.  Blogging


Blogging is the most effective legal marketing tool solo practitioners can easily use to generate leads to their websites. And really get many clients.

Though often neglected, lawyers who blog in their area of practice easily reach out to potential clients than their counterparts. And they are the ones who have clients scattered in different places.

According to legal advisor, imarc, 70% of law firms have generated new cases through their websites.

If you really want to take your practice to another level (have clients across different regions of the word), start blogging about topics in your area of practice.

It is not in contest anymore that a great number of people in need of legal help search through various law websites. From 2017 Legal Trends Report, by Clio, 36% of people look for lawyers through an online search. And this is a goldmine for solos practitioners to generate leads their practice.

 2018 Legal Trends Report

By publishing helpful and SEO contents, related to your practice area in your blog, you are indirectly projecting your practice before potential clients.

Blogging makes you and your practice popular. If your site rank well in search engine, the topics you blog about can get to wide-range of readers who may in-turn  be your clients in the future.

2.  Posting Legal contents on Facebook

Facebook has a great number of users if compare with other social media networks. That is why I refer to it specifically here. More than 1.4 million people log in to Facebook every day. And that makes it a great platform for lawyers to reach out to potential clients.

Another legal marketing tool you can use to get your contents in the front of millions of people using Facebook, and have unique engagement is to set up a lawyer’s Facebook page or law firm Facebook page.

By posting niche-contents on your facebook page, you will be credited the “whole engagements”. That is why is more unique than what you write and post in your timeline or elsewhere.

Lots of people who like your Facebook page are potential clients. Most of them will reach out anytime they need legal help. But this is only realizable where a great number of people are interacting with your posts in their news feed. So, you need to set up a nice-looking Facebook page. And you need to be committed to writing and publishing legal articles that address delicate issues in your area of practice.

Running an ads campaign on your facebook page is something worth investing in. However, this should come after you have set up an organized business page and published a reasonable number of quality posts.

3.  Guest Blogging in Authority Law Sites

Another tool solos can use to reaching potential clients is guest blogging in authority legal sites. This is fastest but little harder than other ones.

Honestly, there is no hard and fast rule to it. All you need is a system and ability to follow –up till you are accepted.
If you really want to reach out to potential clients who are sourcing for legal information on authority websites, start pitching your posts to these sites.

I have discovered that a lot of lawyers or law firms don’t attempt to guest post on authority sites. Perhaps, most of them don’t have time to write contents for other blogs. However, there are others who just don’t attempt to reach out, and they are the ones who struggle to get new clients.

To get your post published on authority site for the first time you need to have a list of sites publishing contents on topics in your Nice. Thereafter, you pitch their editors some headlines on the topics that are related to what they publish in their sites. Luckily, your topic may be accepted, if you follow-up well.

Here are How Guest Blogging Can Boost Your Legal Content Marketing

  • Your content gets appears before a wider audience, who are potential clients.
  • You become an authority in your area if most people read, like, comment and share your post.
  • Your site will have a byline, which is a great asset for SEO.
  •  Clients who consistently read your posts and other contents will want to reach out when they need legal help.

Admittedly, guest posting generally takes time. Especially if you are a busy lawyer who handles different legal matters. So, it is ideal to hire freelance writers for your guest posts.

It can be a very daunting exercise for most lawyers. However, you need it to be able to reach out to potential clients.

Final Word

Legal content marketing is a plus for any solo who wants to spread out his/her practice and possibly generate new lead. Content marketing tools like blogging, publishing niche-contents on Facebook and guest blogging on authority law websites can help solos or law firms reach out to potential clients. Do you have more on this? Lets talk about it. Comment below

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