Lawyers Winning Attitude: 5 Ways to be positive When Clients Say No.

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Do you have some of the lawyers’ winning attitude that can sustain you when clients reject your advice? Or do you craw into the black hole of depression wondering why your client should look down on such invaluable advice coming from you? Some clients can be irrational especially when they think they can get something better from another lawyer. There are qualities every good lawyer should possess.

Maybe you are the type who throws away your client’s brief because he/she refused to listen and comply with your instructions?

Honestly, when clients reject your instructions, it can make you angry and want to fly off the handle. Is like “Who the hell is this follows to shun what I say”

Some years back, I had clients who rejected my advice and came back happy at the end. And a lot of them have referred other clients to me and are still coming to me for legal help.

However, clients rejecting an instruction from you, their lawyer, need not throw you off balance. In fact, you don’t have to be feel bad because clients think your suggestions is not the best for them.

Again, it won’t really speak well of you as a Lawyer if every client, who comes to you, terminate your contract angrily. So, you need to add to your experience some lawyers winning attitude

Why Clients Reject Your Advice

  • They prefer another lawyer’s advice to yours
  • They may be running some financial deficits.
  • It is a sign they want to terminate your contract.
  • A comment or a ruling went against them, so they think they are going to lose.
  • They are on dead ends.

If you have found yourself crashing because clients reject your legal opinion, you need these lawyers winning attitude.

Here are 5 Lawyers winning Attitude That Will Enhance Your Productivity


Lawyers, generally, are known for their comportment. They rarely flare up against opposition, and they easily take correction from their superiors.  

It is one of the lawyers’ winning attitudes that amazes people which they find difficult to understand.

The way lawyers comport themselves in court and outside the Court has made many to wonder the uniqueness of lawyers training.

Normally, clients expect their lawyers to be aggressive and inconsiderate to the view of their opponents. But, they are daze whenever they see lawyers helping the Court to arrive at just decision in cases.

As a lawyer, you must understand that as long as you are rendering services to your clients, they will disagree with you opinions and ideas sometimes. They might tell you they don’t like what you are doing.

When clients come telling you “they don’t think what you said or done is correct”, you should be able to comport yourself. Or if they oppose you for a court document you filed, you don’t need to get upset. Instead, you should comport yourself knowing you are still in charge. Understand that your legal opinion overrides whatever notion your clients have no matter how they push it.

The simplest way to comport yourself when face with severe opposition from clients is to keep silent and let them air their views. Avoid exchanging words with your clients when the become mad at you.


Obviously, the nature of lawyers’ job can make them be judgmental on all issues. Most times, lawyers think far beyond what their clients have in mind. They assume clients want to outwit them, so they are always on their guide each time clients want to make inputs.

Your ability to absorb difficult clients will determines whether you will be positive, productive, or not

You need to tolerate even when your client tries to challenge your legal opinion as a lawyer. After all, your client is a novice – he is ignorant as far as the position of law and legal issues.

This is a winning attitude you must have if you want to be positive and win over your client.

Lawyers who judge their clients base on what they say or what someone tells them about their clients make little or nothing from them. They are the ones who struggle with briefs not because they are not competent, but because they don’t know how to tolerate clients.

3.  Enthusiasm

Enthusiasm is feeling good about yourself and your opinion even when clients feel mad about them. It is an attitude which keeps you stronger and confident when clients reject your advice. It is the ability to be confident and excited about your career. So, you are not bordered about what people say or do

If you are enthusiastic, you won’t sink into a pit depression because one client doesn’t agree with your opinion. However, you will feel good for who you are and for what you are doing.

As a lawyer who has practised for years, I have handled cases in court for clients who when they contacted me, they were impressed and excited about my services. Everything was smooth sailing before they suddenly became antagonistic and rude. At this later stage of our contract, I didn’t allow their attitude to influence my emotions. I remained positive and enthusiastic about my services.

After some time, precisely when I won their cases in Court, they came to thank me. We still do business together to date.

When your clients started getting agitated over what you have said or done in their case, you don’t have to be disturbed. If you remain calm and focus, you will win them over.

4.  Think Good Thoughts

Normally, our thoughts have a lot to do with our attitude and disposition.

If you always thing of failure and defeat, you are likely to fail.

Any lawyer who thinks good thoughts usually react positively to issues. He/she is often considerate and less argumentative.

Clients’ bad attitude towards you shouldn’t make you change your thought about their matters. It need not affect the way you handle their briefs.

Lawyers, who think bad thought, often assume clients to have better alternative outside what they offer. They oppose any attempt by their clients to assist them. And they dread losing their briefs.

I have seen a lawyer who is always inquisitive about how his clients behave. Instead of focusing on doing what is needful like reading, writing and researching for an imminent legal issue, he goes about inquiring from his staffs and associates what his clients are saying about their cases. Of course, he usually gets negative reports of his clients and they affect his thoughts towards them.

If you think good thoughts about your work like virtualizing clients coming to pay your legal fees, referring their friends to you, helping you to market your practice, and judges accepting your legal submissions and giving judgment in favour of your clients, you will be a winning lawyer.

5.  Determination

Determination is the ability to do things the right way. It is the lawyers’ winning attitude that enables them to keep putting in their best when clients lost hope.

Ordinarily, lawyers, who are aggressive, stop work when their clients oppose them. They turn off every pending action immediately their clients reject their advice.

That is not an attitude any productive lawyer should possess. You should be determined to carry on with your clients’ matters even when they say or do what is contrary to your legal advice. This is important where you have taken vital steps and are optimistic about the results.

You should be determined to do your best for your clients: If for instance, you file an action in Court, ensure you have done your due diligence. And if you are drafting legal documents for your clients, make sure you come up with something unique. This should be your goal and driving force. Don’t allow what your clients do, or said, after they have retained your services, to slow you down.

There are still other winning lawyers’ attitudes which I know you may want to add. If you have any, let’s share it. Drop a comment below.

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