5 Reasons Why Genuine Clients Don’t Trust Their Lawyers

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I have found that sometimes even the most loyal and genuine clients don’t trust their lawyers.

Basically, the relationship between lawyers and clients are premise on trust. Your clients should be able to trust you, so they can confide on you, authorize you to manage their properties on their behalf, and to do other things for them

In this post, I am going to show you some common reasons why genuine clients don’t trust their lawyers. Vital issues like

  • complexity of legal process

  • Discussing clients’ matter with their opponent

  • Too many request for assistance

  • inability to meet up with deadline

  • Delivering run-of-the-shelf work

can make even the most loyal client to lose confidence in a lawyer.

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Generally, genuine clients don’t just suddenly start disbelieving their lawyers. And they don’t, for no just cause, turn sour in their attitude towards lawyers. There are reasons why clients most times prefer doing the job themselves or even threaten to terminate their contracts with lawyers.

Do you want to know some of the reasons why genuine clients don’t trust their lawyers? Buckle up and let’s address them here.

The complexity of The Legal Process.

Legal process is not always straight and smooth for litigants and non-lawyers. It has lots of hassles and time-consuming factors.

Clients often get hard-pressed when a legal process starts to get more complex and difficult. And this, most times, affect their relationship with lawyers.

For instance, if a client consulted you over a particular legal problem. And base on your own professional assessment, you promise to conclude the job within a specified period of time with a specified amount of legal fees. On the basis of the above prediction, you swing into action to ensure you meet up with the deadline. But along the line, if the process starts getting complex, you will call your client to demand for extension of time and increase of fees.

At this stage of sudden change, your client will start to disbelieve you. He won’t trust you no matter how you try to convince him

You will really fall into this trouble if you don’t clarify some of these complexities that surround legal process at the outset. Because the more assurance of positive result you give to your clients, the higher vulnerable you make yourself. And a great number of clients that come your way are not likely to trust you.

Discussing Clients’ Matters with Their Opponents

Discussing clients’ matters with their opponents makes them feel insecure and afraid of further legal troubles. It is another reason why most clients don’t trust their lawyers.

Almost all the clients I have worked for don’t like discussing their matters with their Opponents either as a means of getting clarity of the issues involve or for any other purposes.

I have learnt the necessity of keeping away from my clients’ opponents whenever I am working on their matters. And I try as much as possible not to discuss their matters with their opponents – even what I think may be helpful to their case. I do this just to win their trust

Again, it is unprofessional to discuss vital issues relating to your clients’ case with their opponents. But there are circumstances where you will need to get some helpful tips from your clients’ opponents. Where this is the case, you will have to keep the discussion secret.

Too Many Request for Assistance

Except where you are working in a law firm as an associate or as a consultant, it is not good making too many request for help while working on your client’s case. Especially when they are seeing you. This showcase you in an unprofessional manner and makes your practice suck.

Too many request for assistance when lawyers are on top of their clients’ work is also one of the reasons why clients don’t trust their lawyers

I don’t mean you shouldn’t network to get assistance from other lawyers. No, what I am addressing here is running around for help in the presence of your client. Or even calling friends for assistance where your clients are watching you. This can make even your most loyal client lose confidence in you.

If you are a lawyer who makes too many requests for assistance, either from another lawyer or non- lawyers, it will be difficult for your clients to wholly trust you. Most times, you will see clients wanting to opt out of the contract without telling you the reason why.

New Jersey Court Orders Lawyers to Disclose Competitors’ Billing Practices and to Use Data To Inform Clients of Likelihood of Success

New Jersey Court Orders Lawyers to Disclose Competitors’ Billing Practices and to Use Data To Inform Clients of Likelihood of Success https://myshingle.com/2019/03/articles/ethics-malpractice-issues/new-jersey-court-orders-lawyers-to-disclose-competitors-billing-practices-and-to-use-data-to-inform-clients-of-likelihood-of-success/?utm_campaign=Above%20the%20Law%20Small%20Law&utm_source=hs_email&utm_medium=email&utm_content=71039881&_hsenc=p2ANqtz-8hQhQU5U2O9yAymQ3RhnTkRweHapvy6J-KJ55HGp5oCZI-I-cz-gThjmklZfRsX61wFGjTAwkXZqCds8-f0mlkEM45eK1VvX6PdQABDfGBsqHokVY&_hsmi=71039881

The best means of getting out of this case management mistake is to be vigilant. Check if your clients are around before making any request for assistance. Turn off every source of information and behave as if you know it all when your clients visit you.

Inability to Meet Up with Deadlines

Some legal works lawyers do require time consciousness on their part. For instance, where clients want to sign an urgent contract with a third party, and where he needs a quick search done in one organization or the other. All these assignments require urgent completion, and most times demand a lawyer to prove his credibility.

If you are a lawyer and you are hired to do this kind of job. And without a just cause, you failed to meet up with deadlines, your client will lose trust on you.

Sometimes, it’s ordinarily not easy for young lawyers and solo practitioners to meet up with deadlines – especially where the work is demanding and voluminous. So, they often suffer issues of clients not trusting their services.

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Struggling with deadlines is a simple mistake young lawyers or solo practitioner can correct by referring most of those jobs to their friends and colleagues. That is why proper networking is ideal for all young lawyers and solo practitioners.

Delivering Run-of- the- shelve Works

In as much as many clients want quick completion of their jobs, they disdain lawyers turning in works that do not meet up with their expectations.

Clients don’t trust and value lawyers or law firms that deliver run-of- the shelve works or that renders service below expectations. And they don’t recommend such lawyers for others.

Quality of services lawyers render has a lot to do with their reputations. This is mostly applicable to lawyers who search for clients online. A lot of them operate on platforms where clients pay for quality work but leave disappointed.
That’s why lawyers need to constantly update themselves on current legal positions and procedures.

Final Word on the reasons why Genuine Clients Don’t Trust Their Lawyers

As a lawyer, it is rewarding to have a great number of clients you are working for. You will make lots of money; much to take care of your future. But, there are lapses that can make these clients lose trust in you.

I have been able to address some of these things in this post for lawyers to take note and avoid them.

This post is just a brief essay about reasons why even genuine clients don’t trust their lawyers. More of this will come when I will update this post.

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