The Services of Lawyers: 5 Keys to Make Lawyers More Efficient.

client shaking hands with a lawyer indicating he enjoys the services of lawyers
Image credict; dreamstime.

A lot of clients don’t know how to enjoy the services of lawyers. They are paying their fees on time and as at when due, but all their lawyers do, don’t appeal to them.

If you have hired a solo, who has worked for you for some time, and you’re not enjoying his service, a whole lot of things may be responsible. It might be you are inconsistent in paying your bills, picking your calls, responding to emails and messages, or you are just draining your lawyer’s energy by being sloppy.

In this post, I’m going to show you some simple keys you need to make your lawyer more efficient.  Every lawyer needs to be productive and efficient to be able to serve his clients better.

You will know how to make your lawyer more energetic by implementing some simple keys like

1.  Be Tech-driven

You’re most likely to have a cordial, smooth and automated relationship with your lawyer if you are tech-driven.

Think about how easy it will be for your lawyer to communicate with you through phone and emails, and how fast it will be for him to exchange documents with you through social media and WhatsApp.

In the global world of our day, lawyers and other professionals are gravitating to clients who are tech-inclined. And in the nearest future, virtually everything humans do will be done online.

Thomson Reuters has written a white paper which looks at the risks associated with inefficiency, the impacts of working efficiently and some actionable recommendations.
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If you are going to relieve your lawyer of some stress, strive to improve your tech knowledge. You should, not only know how to send and receive messages, emails, documents, videos, and pictures but also, the fastest and modern ways of doing same.

Often, potential clients go for lawyers whose services are tech-driven. They believe they will get better services from such lawyers. But, the demand is on both sides of the coin.

2.  Be Responsive

Nothing embitters lawyers most like working for clients who are unresponsive and insensitive. They make the job of lawyers to be more cumbersome and drudgery.

The job of a lawyer will be slow if his client takes days to reply to an urgent email. Or where the lawyer calls for a briefing and his clients stayed more than two days to return the missed call. Everything thing will be unimpressive and his clients won’t enjoy what the lawyer is doing.

If you want to lighten the weight of work on the shoulders of your lawyer or law firm, you should have a system or facilities that will make it faster for you to react easily and readily to messages, chats and emails. And you should be capable of uploading and downloading documents online.

By being responsive to your lawyer’s demand, you help him to meet up with a deadline.

3.  Write Recommendation/Review

Lawyers like to have their clients write recommendations or reviews of their services. It strengthens their profiles, and it endears them to potential clients.

Many clients have had lawyers worked for them in the past, but they were unable to pull out the best from the lawyers. They have not written simple reviews of the good services of their lawyers, and they don’t follow up on social media to at least help share their piece.

If you write a good recommendation or positive review of the services of your lawyer you will be helping him to market his practice. Potential clients will start seeking him and the credit will be yours.

4.  Pay Your Fees.

Your lawyer will never perform in his best possible manner if you continue to delay payment of his fees.

Timely payment of fees is very vital to lawyers charging hourly. Most of them operate with an automated system of billing which does not accommodate clients who delay or default in payment of fees.

Lawyers or law firms charging hourly rate use part of what clients pay to file court processes, prepare legal documents, and do other things that will help their clients’ case.

So, clients who defer or delay paying their fees usually lack the best services of their lawyer. They are the ones, who get fine in civil cases for filing late Court processes and sometimes, they have their cases struck out for lack of diligent prosecution.

If you pay your legal fees, you not only help your lawyer to meet up deadlines, you will add value to his job. You will improve his services and make him more efficient.

5.  Keep an Appointment

Many clients don’t keep appointments with their lawyers. They deliberately evade appointments thinking by so doing they will run away with some percentage of their lawyers’ fees. They complained that “Lawyers often talk about their legal fees anytime they have an appointment with clients”.

That is a clear way of hindering oneself from his/her lawyer’s best.

Clients who shy away from appointments most times don’t receive the real updates of what their lawyers are doing. Often, they don’t get to know what they are supposed to do and how they are to do it. Because lawyers sometimes, keep certain things secret until they have a one-on-one talk with their clients.

Except where distance is a barrier like where you hire a lawyer online or where you hire a lawyer to handle your case in another state, you should not miss an appointment with your lawyer on purpose.

If you keep most of your appointments with your lawyer, you will relieve him of the time he spends to craft emails and messages. And you have first- hand information about how your work is being done.

6.  Prepared For Every Meeting.

Any time you want to see your lawyer, ensure you go prepared. Put across a call to know what is at stake and gather all material before hand.

Before every meeting lawyers have with their clients, there are normally issues at stake.

Such meetings are not usually for fun. Something must have prompted it, so you should prepare for it.

Ordinarily, your lawyer will invite you for a meeting to interview you, review some documents, obtain more facts, and most often to discuss ways forward.

If you visit you lawyer unprepared, you will weaken his effort. you will slow down your cases and generally make their him inefficient. And you’re likely to repeat one appointment severally without meaningful progress.