Law Practice Blueprint: 5 Strikes to Improve Your Practice

Clipboard with : Law Practice Blueprint: 5 strikes to improve your Practice written on it

What is your law practice blueprint? If it is to get employment in a big law firm, or just to get a nice location to set up your law office, that may not be sufficient to make you a successful lawyer.

Again, if it is to be committed and dedicated to your goal, it is very effective where you have more than enough clients in your bowels.

Whether you are a CEO of a law firm, a partner, a consultant or just a solo practitioner, you need a law practice blueprint. I am talking about strikes that can improve your practice as a lawyer like representing your clients in Courts, offering good legal advice, drafting different kinds of legal documents and lots more.

If you want to get more out of the time you spend representing your clients in Court, offering legal advice, drafting different kinds of legal documents and marketing your law practice, then you need a blueprint.

You want to know the strikes that make it easy for me to practice law and still manage this blog with lots of visitors per day? Here is how

1. Make Plans

You are familiar with a famous adage that says “He who fails to plan, plan to fail”. Before you start off any work – whether for clients or just to gain more experience – take time to plan.

Think About Your Income Plan

  • Is the work going to bring you commensurate income?
  • Is the income realistic? – comparing it with your experience with other clients and what is contained in your practice rule (if any)
  • If the income is too low or high? How can you manipulate it to meet what you really want?
  • Calculate how much you will earn from client or clients for every work you are going to do in order to meet up with your financial plan for the year or your firm’s financial plan as the case may be.

Your financial plan is a great aspect to give your law practice a great fire up. However, other plans are important, too, like legal marketing plans, acquisition of law practice software and hiring freelance lawyers.

I found out that my income plan on a daily basis has helped me stay on track with what I charge for every legal work I do for my clients. Though, I increase it a bit when I am fortunate to have fat briefs.

2. List out Pressing Clients’ Work

What is your blueprint or your law firm’s blueprint in completing pressing clients’ work? If you don’t have one (because a lot of lawyers and law firms don’t have one), it is easy to waste time. And after wasting to much time, you do everything in a hurry to meet a deadline. That is not the best practice I have adopted.

Here is What You Should do if You are struggling with Pressing Clients’ Work

Organize Your Dairy. All the pressing clients’ work should be given priorities. You should fix them on days you have less workload. And make sure you don’t have them more than necessary. They are to be handled by the most competent hands in the firm or be attended to carefully and faster if you are a solo practitioner.
Assign Works to Reliable persons. Where it is obvious you cannot attend to the pressing works no matter the adjustments, assign them to reliable persons.
Assess Your Strength. As you prioritize and arrange your works, keep in mind how much time allocated to each and the ability of you or other people working for you to cover up. If you are to travel thousands of kilometre to get to Court to do a matter for your clients, you won’t have additional time and energy to devote to other pressing works. Can you still have the strength to attain to another client?

3. Mark Out Time For Other Bigger Plans

How many time have thought of marketing your practice or explore using law practice software? If you don’t have a blueprint, it won’t happen.

Once you have arranged and organized you dairy, look for days when you have less work to do. That is where you will start assigning tasks related to your bigger plans.

If one of your bigger plans is to market your law practice, reduce it to tasks like this

1st day. If you are not posting in your own website, search for the website or social media platform where you will publish your post.
2nd day. Pick up a topic you want to write about and research it thoroughly.
3rd day. Pursue vigorously the deadline you have mapped-out for the post and ensure you publish it that day.
The same procedure applies where you hire a writer for that purpose. Remember, everything you do should be geared towards meeting-up your plan.

4. Make Out Time to Rest

Don’t spend all the time working for clients, create time to rest. You don’t have to incline your heart all through in someone else’ problem. Find a time when you will pause and cool off the heat.

Successful lawyers find time to rest and rejuvenate. It may not be a long time out of work. But a few hours of shopping with a friend or family members will be fine and will boost your productivity.

Most lawyers work for so long that they hardly find time to rest. They want to get done everything, so they squeeze out a few hours to rest at night. That shouldn’t be part of your law practice blueprint.

5. Look for a System That Aligns with Your Skills

Try every system That will help improve your practice like time management software, practice management apps. It’s a great strike which most lawyers don’t do. But. Believe me, it is not every system you admire that will align with your skills.

Instead of purchasing an app you will spend years to master, search and acquire another system that will be easier for you to flex.

Law practice is gradually changing and moving away from what it used to be. Most lawyers are becoming digital and work done with papers before and now done using ipads, android phones and laptops. Much work is now being done within a shorter period of time.

In conclusion, you really need some of these strikes I have listed to enhance your efficiency as a practising lawyer. It can move you higher and make you to constantly meet deadlines. Do you have other similar strikes, let us hear it. Leave a comment