7 Things You Must Do to Get Best Services Of Your Lawyer

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Are you thinking of how to get the best services of your lawyer or law firm? May be, You have engaged a lawyer to handle your legal matters. And, somehow, the relationship is getting off the track. Because Good rapport and communication are dwindling.

You have applied some tricks to ensure an improved lawyer-client relationship between you and your lawyer. Inspite of your efforts, nothing seems to be changing.

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Maybe in your own eyes, you have played your part well. You have been paying all the bills and complying with all the requirements. Still, there seems to be a big gully between you and your lawyer.

Your lawyer gets upset and distraught with everything you say and do. And he doesn’t feel comfortable with all your inputs and suggestions for ways forward.

Now, if you want to change the status quo and start getting the best services of your lawyer, here’s how:

1. Believe Your Lawyer

One major, general problem clients have is lack of trust and confidence on their lawyers.

Most clients, especially those who hire lawyers to handle Court cases on their behalf, don’t believe in the ability and capability of their lawyers to win their cases. That’s why most times they go behind their Lawyer’ back to offer bribes in other to get judgments.

You shouldn’t even think of hiring a lawyer whom you know you can’t trust. And even where you intend to hire a lawyer by referral, you don’t allow anybody to coerce you into hiring a lawyer you won’t repose confidence upon.

Again, you have the right to terminate every contract you have with a lawyer at any time and at any stage. Especially where you discover he or she is not giving you what you deserve.

But where you willingly and carefully chose a lawyer, believe him till the end. Don’t go about castigating your lawyer before his colleagues, and don’t threaten to change him when you know you are not ready to do so. Instead, continue to believe him and you will get his best services.

2. Value Your Lawyer

You cannot celebrate what you don’t value. And you will not get the best from what you don’t celebrate.

Your lawyer is there to help you get your legal challenges resolved. And he assists you in doing what you can’t be able to do yourself as a layperson. So, you owe him a duty not only to simply believe him but also to value the right things he does.

I’m not saying you should celebrate blindly what you don’t understand. No, what I’m emphasizing here is that you should value great jobs your lawyer does.

Things Clients Do That Devalues a Lawyer

  • Waiting for billing deadline to elapse before paying due bills
  • Paying lawyers in an informal place and in an informal manner
  • Interfering with court proceedings where lawyers are representing them
  • Quarrelling and arguing with lawyers over fees in the public
  • Refusing to obey and abide by instructions of lawyers

3. Pay All Outstanding Fee

Lawyers don’t like clients who postpone payment of bills. They get offended when this type of clients come around them just to get their best services for free. Though they won’t ban them outrightly from coming to their office or sending them emails, the get pissed off seeing them.

So if you want to win your lawyer’s heart over, go and clear all outstanding fees. To do this perfectly, bring out all the past invoices sent to you and start paying them off one after the other.

The day Mr John, a widower, who has lots of suits pending in various Courts, start clearing all his accumulated bills was the day his relationship with his lawyer improved. He told me in confidence that he wouldn’t have had the best service from his lawyer’s firm if he had been adamant in paying his bills.

You too can do as Mr John did. Lawyers are highly motivated people. And give their best services where their clients pay bills without arrears

4. Don’t Try to Do Things Yourself

You must follow every step of the way if you want the best services from your lawyer. Don’t try to do anything, at any stage, by yourself unless you are a lawyer, too.

Lawyers get upset and distraught if clients try to do their job by themselves. As mostly egocentric people, they don’t like non-lawyers interfering with their jobs. And they withhold their attention from clients who think they can do their job themselves.

As a client, your main duty after given your instruction is to pay bills and monitor how things are done. It’s not your duty to anything your lawyer is supposed to do for you.

I have worked for a client in the past who thinks he can outsmart me. He goes to court and various registries to inquire about the official fees of every document. When he comes and I gave him my fee for a particular job. He felt I was cheating him. So he volunteered to do it himself. He kept that position for some time. But he never got the best of my services till the end of our contract.

5. Commend His Efforts

Nothing turns a lawyer on like receiving commendation from his clients. That is, he argues your case well in Court and you go on and on commending him. This can make him jump out of his skin.

There are many clients who don’t see the good things their lawyers are doing. They will notice great performance put up by their lawyer, but will never show any appreciation.

If you in the category of clients who don’t value the efforts made by their lawyers, it’s time to change that attitude.
Any time your lawyer displayed an outstanding performance while carrying out your instructions, it’s necessary you give him a pat on the back.

You may not get the best services of your lawyer if you don’t encourage him with honest words of commendation.
Understandably, there are times when you will want to correct an obvious wrong, stress an important point which you feel will help your case. You can still get what you want politely without injuring the feeling of your lawyer.

6. Visit Occasionally

Clients who go beyond office business to visiting their lawyers occasionally, usually get their best services with little or no fees.

Lawyers also like these kinds of clients, and they apply their best efforts in handling their matters.
There is nothing wrong with sending birthday gifts to your lawyer any time he is celebrating his birthday. And it’s not abnormal if you be around to cheer him up in his or her dark time. But, you will be denying yourself a lot if you neglect either of this or more.
Maybe you have quarrelled and complained to your friends or even friends of your lawyer, and despite everything they have done the relationship still, don’t improve. Try this simple recipe, visit him occasionally.

Whether you have threatened to withdraw your brief and give it to another lawyer, resorted to going to the media to spoil the reputation of your lawyer or You even have concluded that all lawyers are cheats. Some occasional visits and kind gestures from you can restore back the dwindling relationship. It will strengthen that weakened contract, and make you get the best services you want from your lawyer.

7. Write a Review of The Services of Your Lawyer

Got some good things to say about the services of your lawyer? Write a positive review of his expertise or wonderful work done in his law firm.
Well-written reviews published in the lawyer’s blog, social media or other reputable websites will boost the reputation of your lawyer. He will start getting more briefs, and his attention to your work will change dramatically.

There Are Certain Things You Will Write About The Services Of Your Lawyer Online That Can Make People To Start Seeking Him Out Like Mad.

Things like:

  • The area of practice of your lawyer
  • The quality of work he has done
  • The impacts he has made in the profession

If you’re a lawyer reading this post and you have not been asking your clients to leave reviews about the quality of services you have rendered or your expertise which they have benefited from, you are making a great marketing mistake. Check out my post, 7 Crazy Ways Young Lawyers Can Attrack Clients.

You really need to give your marketing strategies a second look – especially as it relates to clients writing a review about your services, or law firm

Final Word

You deserve the best services from your lawyer because you are paying for it. And your lawyer is duty bound, by the rules of professional conduct, to render nothing but his best services to you.

I have laid out, in this post, proven things you can do to get the best services of your lawyer. Got more things? Let’s hear it. Comment

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