7 Crazy ways Young Lawyers Can attract Clients

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Do you know there are ways young lawyers can attract clients and make them think of hiring them?

Maybe you’re one of those young lawyers who has gone through all the learning curve in the legal profession and still going about touting for briefs like ordinary businessman hustling for customers.

Or you have worked in many law firms and have finally resorted to going solo. Upon all the tips and tricks you have learnt, you are still struggling to keep and maintain just a client or two.

There are certain things potential clients look for before hiring a lawyer

In this post, I am going to walk you through 7 crazy ways you can attract clients and make them think of hiring you. I’m sure, after reading this post, you will not only start attracting just one client but also have tons of clients rushing to hire you.

1. Manage Your Existing Clients

Due to the influx of digital and online legal marketing, many young lawyers are trying different means of marketing their services and law firms.

They are there, day after day, chatting and publishing different kinds of posts in social media to get the attention of potential clients. While engulf with diverse marketing strategies, they pay less attention to the clients they already have, and they handle their briefs causally.

Obviously, most of Your referrals as a lawyer will come from existing clients. They are the ones who will tell their friends, family members and business partners, in need of legal help, about you. And they will recommend you to other prospective clients.

So, you should manage your existing clients well. Send them occasional gifts, birthday greetings and write-off their old bills where necessary.

Also, it is important you keep deadline for every job you do. Lots of young lawyers don’t bother to keep deadlines. Lawyers who delay their clients don’t get referrals from their old clients. They are familiar with their clients, and they feel their clients won’t debrief them. They think their clients don’t have any other option than to obey and comply with everything they say and do.

But the truth is clients observe and they know when you’re not handling their case well.

So, if you want to attract clients that will hire you this year, ensure you properly manage your existing clients – even if it is one.

It is important you keep deadlines. And make sure you are putting in your best in every step of the way. You must answer necessary calls and reply to every email.

There is a great software that can help you keep deadlines. My choicest among them is practice panther. With this software, you can get features for time tracking, scheduling, billing, payment processing, and expense management. PantherPack got a 97% satisfaction rating from thousands of law firms in 35 countries which use the system.

Having said this, let us go over to the next one

2. Learn New Laws

The most dogmatic people I have ever known are lawyers. Lots of lawyers don’t bother about new laws. They believe the principles of law are the same everywhere, so there is no need of taking extra time to study and learn new laws

Law is very dynamic. It changes on daily basis in different states.

It is getting much rarer to see young lawyers spend time reading and studying new laws. The concern to market their service and be in front of prospective clients at all times have eroded the hunger to study new laws.

So, if you want to attract new clients in your locality and make them think of hiring you, it is time to start thinking a little out the box. Start mapping out time, out of your busy schedule, to study new laws.

Setting apart at least one hour every day to read new laws emerging in your area of practice will keep you abreast of current trends.

If you know more about your area of practice, you will have much to give your client. And your practice will skyrocket effortlessly with time.

3. Speak with Authority

The good thing about our profession is that when you speak, as a lawyer, everybody listens. We market ourselves and our practice by our own words.

I have attracted the attention of many clients on occasions when I address judges in the Courts. Most of them are still my clients till date, and I have benefited financially from some others.

Like it or not, clients believe lawyers that speak good and polished grammar. They go after those lawyers to handle their cases. One of my mentors used to say “speak good English and clients will run after you even if you don’t know the law”

If you want to catch the attention of propose clients and make them thinking of hiring you, change the way you speak. From now on before you appear in Court, conference or any event to make a legal presentation, dig deep into your dictionary and gather uncommon words. Don’t be afraid to use them. You will be amazed of the impact it will make in your practice.

Chris webner in one man who has earned great income speaking. He earns up to his current rate of $20,000 per talk

4. Dress Well

One thing that scares potential clients away is the way some lawyers dress.

We all know that good dressing has a way of boosting our confidence. You are more confident when you dress cute than when you dress shabbily.

If you really want to attract clients and make them think of hiring you, then, dress ready for them at all times.

Dress ready for clients and don’t allow them to catch you casually dress. Why. Because it belittles you, and it lowers your dignity.

I’ve observed and seen clients rushing after lawyers, not because they know tons of laws, but because they are always on their best dress code.

5. Be Serious About Marketing

Most young lawyers don’t border about marketing their practice. Some put in little or no effort in adopting recent legal marketing ideas to market their practice or firms. Yet they complain about small clientele.

They blame the public, saying “not many people need services of lawyers“. A great number of these lawyers are not aware of the impact of marketing on the profession generally.

For instance, many traditional solo practitioners and law firm members don’t know how sharing of their complimentary card or law firm card can attract potential client. They believe clients will naturally come even without making effort to market their practice.

You should understand that proposed clients go after old lawyers – they rarely come naturally to younger lawyers without some systematic marketing or referrals.

So if you’re desirous of taking your practice off the ground, and having clients flood around you or your firm, be more serious about marketing.

Simple Marketing Tactics Young Lawyer Can Adopt to Attract Clients

  • Discussing issues relating to your practice with friends, relations, fellow lawyers and strangers.
  • Giving away your business card to everyone that shows interest. Give it out to anyone who shows the slightest interest because he may be the next client.
  • If you’re tech-savvy, you can go on social media. There are lots of potential clients there. Creating a Facebook page, Linkedin profile and publishing great contents regularly are viable means of marketing your practice.
  • Register and host a website where you will showcase all you’re doing and how potential clients online can contact you

6. Be Honest

You may employ other measures stated above to attract clients — they are really effective. But prospects won’t hire you if you are dishonest.

Those who mistakenly engage your services will not go far with you if they discover you are not sincere.

That means you should say what you mean and mean what you say at all times if you want to attract clients this year.

If you’re searching for clients online, one of the ways you can convince potential clients and make them trust you is to ensure you have the one profile format in all your social media accounts.

Having different kinds of profiles, with each saying different things about you, is an indication that you’re dishonest.

Prospects most times ask questions about your office, year of practice and other details and they expect nothing short of an honest answer.

If you continue to lie about your location, age and expertize just to deceive potential clients, it won’t be long even the clients you already have will start withdrawing from you. In a nutshell, you should be honest about yourself and the services you render.

7. Charge Moderate Fees

If you’re a young lawyer, and you have a hope of attracting clients and make them think of hiring you, then cut down your fees a little.

I don’t advise young lawyers, struggling to get their practice off the ground, to charge mega fees. I don’t charge small fees myself, and I hate to see lawyers begging clients to pay them peanuts.

But if you’re demanding high fees from an intending client at the very first stage of consulting you, then, it will be sending a bad signal to the client that can make him turn you off.

You must understand that most times before clients come to you, they have made inquiries about fees somewhere or they might have consulted another lawyer but couldn’t get along with him possibly because of exorbitant fees. So you shouldn’t let them leave you in a haste because of high fees.

The key is to get them in and change your fees as things turn out positively. Clients will be happy to pay any increased fees where they are benefiting from your services.


There is no one-size-fits-all way of attracting new clients as a young lawyer. All the approach l listed and explained in this post are the ones I have tried and they worked for me.

You, too can just give it a try and see the difference. If you have some other ways you think lawyers can attract clients, feel free to comment below.

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