6 Tips to Prompt Your Lawyer to Represent You Well

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Do you go sleepless night wondering how to make your lawyer represent you well? Most clients who want their lawyers to be serious about their cases can play fools to ensure they get their lawyers’ best services.

I’ve seen individuals, in need of urgent legal help, run errands; pay double of legal fees they ordinarily would bargain, just to motivate their lawyers to take quick actions.
In this post, I’m going to walk you through certain things you can do to make your lawyer take your case seriously and get a victory for you.

This post is just a brief list and explanation of insight I got having represented clients in low and high profile cases and having heard several questions from clients on how to lighten the burden on the shoulders of their lawyers.

Before we delve into these stellar tips, let’s consider one main factor which makes virtually all lawyers look down on clients and most times terminate their contract abruptly.

This vital factor is not non-payment of lawyer’s fees (though very wrong), it’s your attitude

Change Your Attitude

The problem with most clients is that they don’t trust their lawyers. I’ve worked for clients who were almost crying when they consulted me for legal help. They were helpless and didn’t know what to do because their liberties and properties were at stake. But after I had gone far with their matters — especially when I began to talk about my fees, they turned me off and made me looked like a scammer.

If you’re among the people out there who think that your lawyer is incompetent because your case has lingered in court, and you have spent more money than what you planned, it’s time to change.

Remember, the more you provoke your lawyer and continue to delay his bills, the more he loses interest in your work.

You have to believe there are good, reliable and competent lawyers out there, who are ready to represent your interest well. If you don’t believe your lawyer can handle your job, you won’t give him the necessary support.

Now that I’ve pinpointed this popular wrong notion of most clients, here are six tips to prompt your lawyer to represent you well.

1.  Be Available And Enthusiastic

It’s perhaps not strange to learn that clients who have top legal representation from their lawyers are those who are readily available.

There are no much legal benefits for clients who stay far off away from their lawyers – in terms of communications.

Most of the top legal representations we see from lawyers today are for readily available clients. Many are for friends and relatives of lawyers.

If you’re calling for legal help from a far distance, it’s time to drawer nearer. Start calling or emailing your lawyer often to inquire, and be updated about the state of your case.
Vibrant lawyers and big law firms are looking for enthusiastic, co-operative and committed clients. Why? Because they make their job easier. Readily available and enthusiastic clients can save a lawyer some precious time he uses to chase and run after clients.

Many enthusiastic clients are more like employed staffs. They help their lawyers to sort out documents, research relevant case laws, file documents in court and they pay their fees on time.

2.  Think Strategically

In a lawyer-client relationship, there is one basic truth: Clients who think strategically know facts and documents that will help their lawyers, and they supply them timeously.
This’s the type of clients who do not delay paying their bills. They do that because they understand the nature of lawyers’ job. and the vital role they play in representing their interest.

I know adjusting your priorities to extend helping hands to your lawyer may scare the crap out of you.

Can I help you get over that? Because many of these lawyers and law firm are desperate for loyal and enthusiastic clients. They are deeply engaged in law firm marketing and wish they had the time to find better, loyal clients.

Give them attention, listen and adhere to their legal advice. If you’ve briefed a lawyer, you’re ready to have a great legal representation. The reason you’re not receiving his best services is that you’re not thinking strategically.

3.  Pay Your Bills

Want your lawyer to represent your interest well? Then you need to start paying your bills.

You need to clear all your bills so your lawyer can concentrate fully on your case without having to send invoices. The more invoices are clear and money flowing into your lawyer’s account, the more serious and committed he will be in handling your case.

When you hire a lawyer, be sure you are conversant with his fees arrangement and billing method. Lawyers charge hourly, flat rate, and contingent fees. Those are fee arrangements of most lawyers and law firms.

If you are confused about how a propose lawyer charges his clients ask for it. What is the budget you have for your legal work, could you get a copy of the law firm’s fees arrangement? Be well prepared for the job.

Because when you motivate a lawyer with attractive fees, he will put more effort to ensure he represent you well.

4.  Be Detail in Your Brief

Ever consulted a lawyer to file a claim in Court, but then doesn’t state in details the facts of the case? Maybe you just omitted some important facts.
When you come back later, you’re startled to see that your lawyer has filed the claim with some missing facts! Now, you have to start pestering him to amend the claim.

Don’t let that happen. When you want your lawyer to file a claim for you, gather all the facts, documents, and data before coming, and ensure you bring everything to him.

The relief I feel each time my clients supply me with facts, documents and data I need for their cases, it’s as if everything was predetermined.

Those clients usually get the best of my services. Don’t over-burden your lawyer with claims bereaved of facts, it’ll slow him down.

5.  Stay Calm And Don’t Interject.

When I’m working for a client, I made it clear to him that I’m his advocate who speaks on his behalf. We strike out a balance for everyone to know what he ought to do and what he ought not to do.

Ideally, your lawyer should be the one to present evidence in court for your defence and not you. So you don’t have to interject and disrupt the Court proceedings – unless the Judge call on you to talk.

6.  Go The Extra Mile

One of the big problems in a lawyer-client relationship is that clients want to abide strictly by the terms of their contract. They don’t want to spend more than agreed fees thereby denying themselves of some other things they can learn from their lawyers outside their briefs.

Don’t relate with your lawyer that way. Put your hand in your wallet and give you lawyer tips for his outstanding performances. Offer him a free ride and don’t skip paying for his launch when necessary.

I cherish clients who go the extra mile to assist me – I use to read well and do thorough research to come to up with great work.

Look for bigger ways you can help your lawyer to represent you well. Ask if he needs assistance in certain areas, voluntarily render assistance, tip him when you are impress by his job and you’ll have his best services. That’s how enthusiastic clients relate with their lawyers.

If you can apply these six tips you’re going you see a dynamic improvement in your relationship with your lawyer.

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