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Blog Top 6 Reasons Why Clients Default in Paying Lawyers

Have you ever wonder why some clients default in paying lawyers? Or ever come across clients who signed a contract with you as their lawyer, paid consultation fees and some part-payment of professional fees, but subsequently began to defer other payments?

While some of these clients fulfill their promises, most times, a lot of clients don’t.

There’s a great number of clients out there who are defaulting in paying lawyers.

Have you worked for clients who default often or fell for someone who enticed you with some mouth-watering fees they don’t end up paying?

This kind of attitude of some clients can throw you off -balance and make you second guess your career as a lawyer.

And lawyers often owe a lot of money for student loans. Running a business means having a lot of expenses, so many practitioners do rely on every single client payment, says Ephrat livni, Esq – a lawyer and a legal writer.

So what are the reasons why clients default in paying lawyers? Here are a few things to bear mind. Continue Reading


The Services of Lawyers: 5 Keys to Make Lawyers More Efficient.

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client shaking hands with a lawyer indicating he enjoys the services of lawyers
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A lot of clients don’t know how to enjoy the services of lawyers. They are paying their fees on time and as at when due, but all their lawyers do, don’t appeal to them.

If you have hired a solo, who has worked for you for some time, and you’re not enjoying his service, a whole lot of things may be responsible. It might be you are inconsistent in paying your bills, picking your calls, responding to emails and messages, or you are just draining your lawyer’s energy by being sloppy.

In this post, I’m going to show you some simple keys you need to make your lawyer more efficient.  Every lawyer needs to be productive and efficient to be able to serve his clients better.

You will know how to make your lawyer more energetic by implementing some simple keys like. Continue reading

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